Please use this page for contacting us regarding classes, and questions you may have. If you need help please contact us.
Find Registration information on our pricing page and class schedule page.

Our location is:
Suffolk, VA
Phone: 757-613-3401
Office Hours: 9-5 -- except for range time
Class Location: Same as above
Alternate Class Location:
Norfolk Country Rifle Range
4321 South Military Hwy.
Chesapeake, VA

For simple inquiries, you may here.

All classes require non-refundable deposits.
Pre-registration and the e-learning module offered by NRA is required for all classes.

You will be notified if any need to reschedule arises, and please contact us if you have a need to reschedule. Any individual training or services outside of the standard NRA course information provided will require individual communication.

Choose and register for a class before you pay. Registration will carry you to the NRA sign up pages at Our pages will be visible when you close the NRA website. You must complete the process by:
Step One: Complete the E-Learning Module Online
Step Two: Submit the required deposit from this website. Deposits required for our courses will be made at your account page on PayPal, and this site will be visible again when you complete your credit card transactions.

The following form is so we can learn more about you and your needs.

For simple inquiries, you may here.


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